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‘Healthcare services need branding online, word of mouth isn't really possible anymore.'

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

‘Branding online is now cheaper and quicker than you might think'

The gains made from furthering your online presence are much more than just financial; you’ll enable your own brand creation that will serve the endgame; creating a long-lasting brand that will have consumer confidence and financial dividends.

Digital marketing is cost-effective, efficient, and potentially game-changing for businesses and individual practitioners, such as doctors and dentists. You have to engage an ever-expanding, dynamic, and curious social media audience, with your online assets, which will bring more patients to you via digital engagement.

There’s the only scope when it comes to marketing online when 500+ million Indians use the internet daily.


We create and conceptualize around your specialty, which enables our campaigns to offer great user experience at each digital touch-point, directing relevant traffic towards you, enabling you to turn online visitors into leads, and leads into patients.

70% of survey constituents reported that consistent branding is crucial when communicating with patients


We create, publish, and distribute original, quality content, specifically designed to appeal to your patients; weekly opinion articles, blog posts that your audience will find valuable, open forum discussion topics; all this while keeping track of the latest “trending” developments in your field, the world over.

People do medical (related) searches 3.5 million times, every day, that’s a lot of searches.

Motion. Branded video content, exceptional storytelling, and client service. We have the best freelance Directors, Photographers, and DoP's in northern India. And nothing can hit home quite like a well-made, emotionally charged film.

YouTube videos or videos, in general, outperform images or content-based by close to 1300%


Specialty promotion and optimization of online assets to attract, convert, close visitors to your website, social, and blog.

40-45% of people choose their doctors from google searches, that’s a lot of people.

Quarterly retainer starting at Rs. 24,999

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